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Industrial Traffic Lights

Industrial traffic Lights

These industrial traffic lights are used in gateways, parking lots, track systems and industrial sites like filling plants or as status indicators for machines. The housing, front plates and sun screens are made of high-grade, highly UV-resistant plastic. The dispersion lenses are sealed against dust and water with a heat and cold-resistant neoprene rubber gasket.

SAM consists of a VAL 60 Watt traffic signalling bulb

SAM-LED has an energy-saving LED (SAM-LED).

Both models available with either 1, 2 or 3 elements .

Industrial Traffic Lights

Compact Industrial Traffic Lights

The MSAM compact industrial traffic lights can be put to use wherever unambiguous signalling is necessary. Entrances of parking lots and underground car parks, but also industrial use, e.g. in docks & haulage fuel stations, are among the classic applications. All these applications require a compact installation and the possibility of combining horizontal and vertical units. The integrated sun screen even allows for outdoor use, in direct sunlight.

  • Housing: Plastic (grey)
  • Combinable as multi stage traffic lights 
  • Available with Bulbs or LED's 
  • Different diameters, 100mm or 140mm
  • Industrial traffic Lights

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