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Industrial Strobe Lights
It is often necessary to use optical signals for warning and indicating purposes in very noisy surroundings. These industrial Strobe beacons are weatherproof, seawater resistant and have impact resistant housings, They are ideal for Indoor / outdoor instalations in industrial environments.

BLE15 - Industrial / Weatherproof Strobe Light

High performance strobe light with 15-joule flash energy for outdoor use The BLE 15 Strobe Light is designed for audio signals, warnings, and visual signals for indoors and outdoors. The high-powered, 15-joule flash makes the signal easily recognizable even in direct sunlight. The lamp also features a good 360° signal effect

  • Protection degree IP 66
  • Flash power 15 Joule
  • Flash frequency 1 Hz
  • Continuous operation
  • Weatherproof Strobe light

    SLB2 - Weatherproof Double Strobe Light
  • Double Strobe Light with 2 x 7,5 Joule and 3 different flash modes 
  • Application: dry & damp rooms or protected outdoor mounting (IP54) 
  • Housing: Plastic 
  • Flash energy: 2 x 7,5 Joule 
  • Different lens colours 
  • Different flash modes selectable
  • Double Strobe Light Beacon

    Weatherproof Inbuilt Strobe Light EBL1
  • Built-in Strobe Light for use in control panels & desks
  • Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP67) 
  • Housing: Plastic 
  • Flash energy: 1 Joule  
  • Hole diameter: 22 mm 
  • Different lens colours: Yellow, Green or Red
  • Inbuilt Strobe for control panels and desks

    BLK - Industrial Strobe Light

    The BLK industrial strobe light conforms to protection degree IP65 and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The strobe light is available in five different cap colours. The BLK strobe light also comes in a version with cover contact for 12 VDC and 24 VDC. This tamper switch can be integrated into the closed circuit current of a burglar alarm system.

  • BLK 32 + 42 for extended temperature range -50°C to +50°C
  • Flash energy: 5 joule or 15 joule
  • Industrial strobe Light for Sale

    BLS - Industrial Strobe Light

    The BLS industrial strobe is an all-purpose optical signalling device for use as, for example, a continuous, warning or alarm strobe light. Thanks to the ribbed cap, which is available in five different colours, an extremely wide spread of light is achieved. The strobe comes with a flash energy of alternatively 5 joule or 15 joule for continuous operation.

  • Colours: clear, green, red, amber, blue
  • Industrial strobe light Beacon

    XL04 - Compact Weatherproof Strobe Light
    The strobe light XL04 is very versatile in its application. The XL04 is often used
    in burglar and fire alarm systems, office building, hospitals or airports.
    Thanks to its housing, the XL04 is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
    The design of the housing enables simple installation.

  • Flash energy 3.6 / 2.0 Joule
  • Simple installation
  • Protection IP 66
  • Weatherproof strobe light for burglar and fire alarms

    BLG10 - Weatherproof Strobe Light ideal for Vehicles
    Strobe Light with rubber houseing ideal for mounting on machines, vehicles, cranes, and so on. The Strobe Light BLG10 provides this signalling capacity with a flash energy of 10 Joule. The Strobe Light BLG 10 is available in various cap colours. The solid rubber housing conforms to protection degree IP 67 and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Vehicle Strobe LIght

    Profi Flash - Industrial Strobe Light

    Xenon Strobe Light Profi Flash can be mounted on the wall or standing.
    The strobe light is available with 6 different caps and 2 different standard
    housing colours. The flash frequency is approx. 60 flashes per min (1 Hz).
    Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP54) 
    Housing: Plasic (ABS), white or grey 
    Flash energy: 5 Joule 
    Mounting: Wall or built up mounting selectable 
    Different lens colours: clear, red, green, blue, amber

    Profi Flash - Weatherproof Industrial Strobe Light

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