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Industrial Rotating Beacons

These FHF weatherproof rotating mirror beacons ideal for signalling in noisy industrial areas, Indoors the signal is noticable when the beacon itself is not visible as the light reflects off walls and objects, Also designed for use on vehicles, heavy plant, cranes and ships. Available in a range of voltages, colours and light intensity.

SLD - Weatheroof / Industrial Rotating Beacons

Weatherproof and light intensitive Rotating Mirror Beacons designed for industrial signalling or to be mounted on vehicles, plant and machinery.

  • Different lens colours: Green, Red, Amber, Blue, Clear
  • Applications: indoors and outdoors (IP 54) and on vehicles & plant 
  • Housing: plastic, base plate made by aluminium 
  • Many voltage options

  • Light intensity: 55 Watts or 70 Watts (24 VDC), Halogen lamp H1 
  • SLDA
  • with integrated 230 Volt relay 
  • Light intensity: 40 Watts, E14 
  • SLDT
  • with integrated telephone call relay
  • Light intensity: 40 Watts, E14
  • Approved for use on vehicles (yellow and blue)
  • Light intensity: 55 Watts or 70 Watts (24 VDC), Halogen lamp H1 
  • SLD4
  • Light intensity: 35 Watts, Halogen lamp H1 
  • Industrial Roatating Beacon

    Industrial`Rotating Beacon

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