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Combined Beacon Sounders

A range of combined beacon sounders from FHF. These hooters & sounders with strobe lights provide excellent optical and acoustic alarms or information signalling. Bulb, Xenon & LED options in a variety of voltages make these industrial beacon sounders & sounder strobes ideal for many applications.

HPL & HPOL- Mini Beacon Sounders

  • Mini hooter with light beacon as an optical and acoustical signal combination 
  • High volume signalling hooter with approx. 95dB(A) 
  • Application: dry and damp rooms (IP43) 
  • Housing: impact resistant Thermoplastic (ABS) 
  • Small and space saving construction 
  • Different lens colours: red, amber
  • AC and DC versions available

  • HPL - with trumpet & has a 7 Watt Bulb (Ba 15 d)
  • HPLB - with trumpet & has a 1 jule Xenon Strobe
  • HPOL - without trumpet & has a 7 Watt Bulb (Ba 15 d)
  • HPOLB - without trumpet & has a 1 jule Xenon Strobe
  • Industrial Hooter Beacon
    Combined Hooter Beacon

    DUO LED - Combined LED Beacon Sounder

    The robust combined beacon sounder DUO LED is designed for use in emergency situations as a signalling device in general industrial applications and may be used both indoors and outside. Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting but must be mounted in such a way that dust and water cannot settle in the bell mouth.

    The DUO LED beacon sounder has a base made of seawaterproof cast aluminium and coated in plastic. The loudspeaker is made of impact and coldresistant plastic and is mounted firmly on the housing. The cap of the LED light forms the housing cover and is made of polycarbonate

    Colours: red, amber, green, blue, clear
    Protection: degree IP 66
    Flash modes: Blinking, continous or flash mode
    Industrial Beacon Sounder
    Combined BEacon Sounder - DUO LED

    AXL - Combined Alarm Beacon Sounders

    The AXL range of Combined Sounder Strobes are often used in burglar and fire alarm systems, office building, hospitals or airports. The sounders are equipped with 32 different tones, the signal tone is selected with a DIP switch and all versions are designed for a two-stage alarm. The strobe light is controlled via a separate connection terminal.
  • AC and DC versions
  • Low current consumption
  • Choice of 32 different signal tones
  • Strobe lights
  • 2 Stage Alarm
  • Compact, robust and reliable

  • AXL04
  • High volume up to 105 dB(A)
  • 2 Joule Strobe light

  • AXL05
  • High volume up to 112 dB(A)
  • 2.5 Joule Strobe light

  • AXL08
  • High volume up to 120 dB(A)
  • 3.6 Joule Strobe light

  • Combined Fire Alarm Beacon Sounder

    Combined Beacon Sounder with Telephone Relay

    The HPWL combined LED beacon sounder for continuous, warning or alarm signalling. The LED light is available in 2 different colors (yellow or redand the built-in ribbed transparent hood ensures extremely good light spreading. This combined beacon sounder is designed for indoor areas, but due to its IP55-rated enclosure, it can also be used in covered outdoor areas.
    Industrial Beacon Sounder

  • Protection degree IP 55
  • High lifetime thanks to LED technology
  • Externally Selectable Electronic Signal Tones
  • Excellent Signaling Effect
  • 3 operating modes: continuous, blinking and flashing light selectable
  • Available with Optional Integrated Telephone Relay
  • Combined Beacon Sounder

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