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Aviation Obstruction Lights

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) demands that aviation obstructions are marked using certified aviation obstruction lights. These FHF obstruction beacons meet those requirements.

Skyline Gamma 1 - Aviation Obstruction LIght

The Skyline Gamma 1 Aviation Obstruction Lights have been designed for maintenance free operation and an extremely high life expectancy. Available in 24v DC and 85 - 265v AC. The LED's are vertically arranged and their intensity (approx. 31 cd) clearly surpasses the ICAO minimum requirement of 10 cd without dazzling. The Gamma1 is mounted using a simple-to-install wall bracket with 2 fastening points. In the lower part of the obstruction light there is a terminal room that can be opened unscrewing 3 screws, with an M20 cable gland. The electrical connection is made using a 2-pole terminal with a clamping capacity of up to 2.5 mm2 (solid conductor).

  • Marking of obstructions acc. to Annex 14, Type A, Low Intensity, red.
  • LED technology
  • High life expectancy
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Aviation Obstruction Lights
    Aviation Obstruction Light - Skyline Gamma1

    Skyline Alpha 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Aviation Obstruction LIghts

    The Skyline Alpha Obstruction lights correspond to ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 6, Table 6-3. The Skyline Alpha beacons are designed for maintenance free operation, and with LED's have an extremely long lifetime.

    4 models of aviation obstruction lights for different mounting situations and are available in voltages 24v DC and 115/230v AC.

    Skyline Alpha 1 is the standard version without additional fastening material and can be mounted on stationary surfaces.

    Skyline Alpha 2 is pre-mounted on a mounting bracket and equipped with a 1-metre cable.

    Skyline Alpha 3 is also equipped with a mounting bracket and has an additional connecting box for simple and economic installation.

    Skyline Alpha 4 is provided for installation on masts, or at places where double safety is required. This aviation obstacle light has two lamps premounted on a double arm and is easy to install by means of a connecting box.
    The version with redundancy circuit is also developed with two lamps. One of these lamps is only activated. In case of any fault, the second lamp starts automatically and a potential free contact is present to show this fault.
    Aviation Obstruction Light
    Aviation Obstruction Lights - Skyline Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4

    Skyline Beta - Obstruction LIght

    Aviation Obstruction Beacon

    Obstacle light for nighttime marking of aviation and nautical obstacles

  • 10 Cd, red
  • Nominal power 6 W
  • maintainance-free due to fail safe LED- technology
  • Durable (> 50.000 h)
  • self supervisory (lifetime and failure)
  • According to ICAO Annex 14
  • Seawater resistant aluminium housing

  • Skyline Beta 1 - dimensions approx. 64 x 103 mm (body without plug)
  • Skyline Beta 2 - dimensions approx. 64 x 80 mm (body without plug)
  • Obstruction Light
    Nautical Obstruction light - Skyline Beta 2

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