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Industrial Beacons
FHF manufacture a range of industrial beacons, rotating beacons, strobe lights, industrial signal lights, industrial traffic lights, aviation obstruction lights and beacon / sounder combinations all with a range of options, colours, and voltages to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industrial installations.

Industrial Strobe Lights

It is often necessary to use optical signals for warning and indicating purposes in very noisy surroundings. These industrial Strobe beacons are weatherproof, seawater resistant and have impact resistant housings,  They are ideal for Indoor / outdoor instalations in industrial environments.

Weatherproof Strobe Lights

Weatherproof Strobe / Industrial Strobe

Industrial Rotating Beacons

These weatherproof rotating mirror beacons ideal for signalling in noisy industrial areas, Indoors the signal is noticable when the beacon itself is not visible as the light reflects off walls and objects, Also designed for use on vehicles, heavy plant, cranes and ships. Available in a range of voltages, colours and light intensity

Weatherproof Rotating Beacons

Industrial Rotating Beacon for Sale
Industrial LED Beacons

These industrial LED beacons are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, mounting on cranes, machinery and industrial plant. These LED Light Beacons are available in a range of colours (including multicoloured versions), voltages and with different mounting options. Models include continuous, blinking, flashing and rotating versions.

Weatherproof LED Beacons

Industrial LED Beacon / Weatherproof LED Beacon

Industrial Traffic Lights

These industrial traffic lights are used in gateways, parking lots, track systems and industrial sites like filling plants or as status indicators for machines. Available with 1, 2 or 3 elements and with 60w bulbs or as Industrial LED Traffic Lights. Small and compact traffic light versions for car parks or industrial areas 

Weatherproof Traffic Lights

Industrial Traffic Lights

Aviation Obstruction Lights

These weatherproof aviation obstruction lights are designed for marking aviation obstructions like high cranes, buildings or towers. All Aviation obstruction lights are in accordance with ICAO.

Aviation Warning Lights

Aviation Obstruction Lights

Industrial Signal Lights

Designed for use in almost all fields where clear identification of, for example, machine status is vital. Steady, flashing or blinking modes, LED options, a range of voltages and different lens colours. These weatherproof signal lights are ideal for many applications.

Industrial Signal Lights

Industrial Signal lights - Signal Towers

Combined Beacon Sounders

A range of combined beacon sounders from FHF. These hooters & sounders with strobe lights provide excellent optical and acoustic alarms or information signalling. Bulb, Xenon & LED options in a variety of voltages make these industrial beacon sounders ideal for many applications.

Combined Beacon / Sounders

Combined Beacon Sounder for Sale


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